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Components of Braces Appliances

We are pleased to offer a variety of options for orthodontic treatment, including traditional braces that attach to the teeth to improve tooth alignment gradually. Braces are made up of many components, such as brackets, bands, wires, and spacers that all work together to create tension in your periodontal connective tissues and cause the teeth to shift. The components that make up your braces can sometimes sustain damage and require some extra attention.

Dr. Randy Wright typically schedules adjustment visits about every four to six weeks to ensure your braces maintain their tightness and continue to adjust your bite pattern. If damage or disrepair occurs in any part of your braces, it could result in the appliance being compromised and prolonging the length of your treatment by displacing the tension in your smile.

We encourage you to contact our office right away if you have noticed looseness in any part of your braces or if a piece has become broken. Our orthodontist can help you establish a proper course of action and repair any damage to maintain the function of your braces.

When a spacer feels loose or falls out very close to the time of an upcoming scheduled visit, it may simply be a result of the teeth shifting position, and we can repair the issue by adjusting your braces sooner so that they remain secure.

Contact Wright Orthodontics at 630-208-1200 today if you are concerned about the different parts of braces in Batavia, Illinois, or need to schedule a consultation with our team.


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