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Have You Heard About Lingual Braces?

Braces can help you realign your teeth if they are crooked, but were you aware that there was more than one type? Lingual braces are one such variation, and they provide a little extra benefit for you to consider.

First we will cover the similarities. Lingual and traditional braces use the same basic principle. By attaching to the teeth, the braces can apply a steady and gentle pressure that gradually brings them into alignment.

The difference between the two types is that lingual braces are attached to the back of your teeth and not to the front. They cannot be seen by other people from there very well, so you can show your smile with pride more easily.

Traditional braces may draw undue attention to themselves, because they take up a lot of space on the front of your teeth. If you would rather not have that, you can go with lingual braces which let your smile have the attention instead.

Here at Wright Orthodontics in Batavia, Illinois, we are happy to provide lingual braces and other options for you. You can consult with Dr. Randy Wright, our orthodontist, as he is happy to help you find the treatment that works best for you. Feel free to call 630-208-1200, and we will help you get your best smile!


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