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What Will Happen When My Braces Come Off?

If you’re about to conclude your orthodontic journey, good for you! You’re about to have the smile you have always wanted. When Dr. Randy Wright removes your braces, there are a few things you can expect to happen. These things will help you have top-notch oral health and a smile.

First, your teeth will be thoroughly cleaned. This will help remove any excess glue from your braces. Your orthodontist might also take some more X-rays to ensure that everything looks like it’s on the right track. Then, he will also look for signs of wisdom teeth. If there are signs of wisdom tooth issues, he will discuss necessary treatment options.

Second, your orthodontist will fit you for an orthodontic retainer, whether it’s a removable retainer, a permanent retainer, or both. A removable retainer is usually made from firm plastic and a steady wire or clear plastic like an Invisalign® aligner tray. Your permanent retainer will be a strong wire that is cemented to the back surfaces of your front top and bottom teeth. These retainers will help you maintain the straight smile you worked so hard for.

If you have any questions about what will happen when you remove your braces in Batavia, Illinois, please call Wright Orthodontics at 630-208-1200 at your earliest convenience. When you talk to our orthodontic team, we will be thrilled to assist you!


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