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An Overbite Can Often Be Corrected by Traditional Braces

Genetics and other factors can sometimes combine to alter the alignment of your permanent teeth. This can cause the lower or upper teeth to protrude at improper angles. Also known as a malocclusion this orthodontic complication can not only leave you with an unattractive smile it can also increase your chances of suffering from damage to your tooth enamel or your teeth.

If you have a pronounced overbite or underbite, you should consider scheduling a consultation for braces with our orthodontist, Dr. Randy Wright. In many of these cases, traditional braces can help correct the problem and prevent further complications. Once the orthodontic components have been placed in your mouth, you will need to schedule appointments at our office for your routine adjustments. During these appointments, Dr. Wright will adjust the tension of your braces to gradually bring your teeth into their correct alignment. When your alignment is complete, the orthodontist will give you a retainer to make sure your teeth hold their new positions. You should wear your retainer as directed by the orthodontist.

If you live in the Batavia, Illinois, area and your child has a pronounced underbite or overbite, you should call 630-208-1200 to set up a braces consultation at Wright Orthodontics.

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