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Your Most Pressing Orthodontic Questions Answered

Regularly Scheduled Adjustments Are Essential for Correcting Teeth with Braces

Your braces include several hardware components that are integrated to create a functional orthodontic system for addressing your misaligned teeth. This process requires applying progressive tension to the hardware components.

Each of these adjustment sessions will gradually alter the periodontal ligaments that anchor your teeth into your gums. Over time the adjustments will gradually bring your teeth closer to their ideal alignment. This will provide you with a more attractive smile and better-functioning teeth.

Consistently timing your adjustment appointments is very important. If you know of an upcoming scheduling conflict with a scheduled session you should contact Wright Orthodontics as soon as possible to set up an alternate time.

Your adjustment sessions are also an opportunity to address any hardware components that may have suffered a little wear and tear. If something has been bent or damaged Dr. Randy Wright can repair or replace it to prevent further complications.

This could also be a good time to voice any oral hygiene questions you might have. Cavities and poor oral hygiene can complicate the realignment process. This could potentially increase the number of necessary adjustments and the time it takes to fully correct the alignment of your teeth.

If you or a member of your family has misaligned teeth and you live in the Batavia, Illinois, area, you should call 630-208-1200 to set up a braces consultation at Wright Orthodontics.


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